Further tools for analyzing objects in N-dimensional images

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A collection of tools to supplement bwpropfilt, bwareaopen, and the like.

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This FEX submission contains some tools I find to be handy supplements to bwpropfilt, bwareaopen, and other routines from the Image Processing Toolbox for analyzing objects in images. They include:
1. BWLPROPFILTN, BWLAREAFILTN, BWLAREAOPENN: Extensions of bwpropfilt, bwareafilt and bwareaopen to accomodate N-dimensional images.
2. BWLMASKPROPFILTN: A function to extract objects based on properties of their intersections with a user-supplied binary mask. Handles N-dimensional images.
3. BWLALPHACLOSE: similar to bwconvhull, this will use an alpha shape to seal or reduce concavities in objects (2D and 3D images only).
4. BWLDILATE, BWLERODE, BWLCLOSE, BWLOPEN: Extensions of imdilate,imerode,imclose,imopen, to accomodate N-dimensional label maps.
All of these routines support both binary images and label maps.
See the help() documentation for usage instructions and the Examples tab for demos.

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