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version 1.0 (728 KB) by Suah Kim
Produces JFIF compliant baseline JPEG images (grayscaled & color & Huffman optimized version)


Updated 21 Apr 2021

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This is the release of the first JFIF / JPEG baseline compliant JPEG encoder using MATLAB code.

- Supports grayscaled or color encoding
- Chroma subsampling
- Huffman table optimization

We will also introduce RST marker implementation in the future version.
Please feel free to use this code.

You can send me ethereum: 0x8ee66791696a81add6a2dab71e7833c4d2358a91
Or buy me a cup of coffee:

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Suah Kim (2021). JPEG-baseline-matlab-code (, GitHub. Retrieved .

Suah Kim. Suahnkim/JPEG-Baseline-Matlab-Code: Version 1. Zenodo, 2021, doi:10.5281/ZENODO.4707606.

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Suah Kim. (2021, April 21). suahnkim/JPEG-baseline-matlab-code: Version 1 (Version v1.0). Zenodo.

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Created with R2021a
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux
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