Intersections of multiple 2D lines or line segments

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Compute the intersection of a reference line (or line segment) with a polyshape boundary or with a batch of other line segments.

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The command linexlines2D() offered in this submission is a flexible tool for computing the intersection points between a reference 2D line segment and a batch of other 2D line segments. Either the reference line segment or those in the batch (or both) can also be infinite lines, specified by 2D line equations.
If a batch of line segments is given, they may form an arbitrary cloud of line segments or they may form the boundaries of a polyshape. If the latter, the batch can be specified by passing a polyshape object as input to linexlines2D(). The thumbnail image above illustrates an example of this. Additional illustrations of usage can be found under the Examples tab.

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Fixed a bug affecting line-polyshape intersection calculations