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Knight's Tour Checker
Given a matrix a, determine whether or not a legal <'s_tour knight's tour> is present. The kn...

3 meses ago


Get the area codes from a list of phone numbers
Given a string of text with phone numbers in it, return a unique'd cell array of strings that are the area codes. s = '508-647...

4 meses ago


The Goldbach Conjecture, Part 2
The <'s_conjecture Goldbach conjecture> asserts that every even integer greater than 2 can ...

5 meses ago


Return the 3n+1 sequence for n
A Collatz sequence is the sequence where, for a given number n, the next number in the sequence is either n/2 if the number is e...

5 meses ago


Finding Perfect Squares
Given a vector of numbers, return true if one of the numbers is a square of one of the numbers. Otherwise return false. Example...

6 meses ago