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Interface to the Unreal Engine project

Since R2021b


Use the sim3d.Editor class to interface with the Unreal® Editor.


sim3d.Editor requires Simulink® 3D Animation™.

To develop scenes with the Unreal Editor and co-simulate with Simulink, you need the support package. The support package contains an Unreal Engine® project that allows you to customize the scenes. For information about the support package, see Customize 3D Scenes for Aerospace Blockset Simulations.




MATLAB® creates an sim3d.Editor object for the Unreal Editor project specified in sim3d.Editor(project).

Input Arguments

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Project path and name.


Non-ASCII space characters are not supported in the project path.

Example: "C:\Local\AutoVrtlEnv\AutoVrtlEnv.uproject"

Data Types: string


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This property is read-only.

Project path and name with Unreal Engine project file extension.

Example: "C:\Local\AutoVrtlEnv\AutoVrtlEnv.uproject"

Data Types: string

Object Functions

openOpen the Unreal Editor


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Open an Unreal Engine project in the Unreal Editor.

Create an instance of the sim3d.Editor class for the Unreal Engine project located in C:\Local\AutoVrtlEnv\AutoVrtlEnv.uproject.

editor = sim3d.Editor(fullfile("C:\Local\AutoVrtlEnv\AutoVrtlEnv.uproject"))

Open the project in the Unreal Editor.;

Version History

Introduced in R2021b

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