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Create feed location for custom antenna

Since R2023b



    createFeed(antenna) opens an interactive figure window, where you can select the edges for assigning the feed. To specify a region for the feed point, select two points, inside triangles on either side of the air gap or inside triangles that share a common edge.


    createFeed(antenna,FeedLocation,NumEdges) creates the feed at the specified location and using specified number of edges.


    createFeed(___,Name=Value) creates the feed with additional properties specified by the name-value argument.


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    This example shows how to create the feed point for a custom antenna in multiple ways.

    Create Feed Edge on Shape

    Create a rectangle with length 2 m and width 0.1 m. Assign it as a shape to a custom antenna.

    r = shape.Rectangle(Length=2,Width=0.1);
    c = customAntenna(Shape=r);

    Create feed at [0 0 0] with number of edges as 1.

    createFeed(c,[0 0 0],1);

    Create Feed Using 2-D Shapes

    Create a waveguide shape.

    wg_height = 0.0102;
    wg_length = 0.024;
    wg = shape.Box(Length=wg_length,Width=0.0229,Height=wg_height);

    Create feed rectangle.

    feedrect = shape.Rectangle(Length = 6e-3,Width = 6.0000e-05);
    offset = -(0.5*wg_length)+6e-3;
    [~] = translate(feedrect,[offset 0 -wg_height/2+(feedrect.Length/2)]);

    Rotate feed rectangle by 90 degrees.

     [~] = rotate(feedrect,90,[offset 0 -wg_height/2+(feedrect.Length/2)],[offset 1 -wg_height/2+(feedrect.Length/2)]);

    Create custom antenna.

    ant = customAntenna(Shape=wg);

    Pass feed location, number of feed edges, and feed shape to create the feed.

    createFeed(ant,[offset 0 -wg_height/2],1,FeedShape=feedrect);
    view([-24.0 -48.9])

    Create Multi-Edge Feed

    Create a waveguide shape.

    wg_height = 0.0102;
    wg_length = 0.024;
    wg = shape.Box(Length=wg_length,Width=0.0229,Height=wg_height,Center=[0,0,0.5*wg_height]);

    Create custom antenna.

    s = shape.Circle;
    s.NumPoints = 6;
    s.Radius = 0.001;
    wg = extrude(wg,s,Height=0.005);
    ant = customAntenna(shape=wg);

    Pass feed location and number of feed edges to create the feed.

    createFeed(ant,[0 0 0],6);
    view([-19.3 -18.8])

    Input Arguments

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    Custom antenna to create the feed, specified as a customAntenna object.

    Example: customAntenna(Shape=shape.Custom3D)

    Locations of the feed points, specified as a N-by-3 matrix of Cartesian coordinates in meters. N represents the number of feed points. See Feed Model for more details on the feed.

    Example: [0 0 1]

    Example: [0.01 -0.0065 2e-3;0.045 -0.0065 2e-3]

    Data Types: double

    Number of edges for the feed, specified as a 1-by-N vector of positive integers. N represents the number of feed points.

    Example: 2

    Example: [1 1]

    Data Types: double

    Name-Value Arguments

    Specify optional pairs of arguments as Name1=Value1,...,NameN=ValueN, where Name is the argument name and Value is the corresponding value. Name-value arguments must appear after other arguments, but the order of the pairs does not matter.

    Example: FeedShape=shape.Rectangle

    Shape of feed, specified as a shape object.

    Example: shape.Rectangle

    Version History

    Introduced in R2023b

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