Catalog of dielectric materials



dc = DielectricCatalog creates an object handle for the dielectric catalog.

  • To open the dielectric catalog, use open(dc)

  • To know the properties of a dielectric material from the dielectric catalog, use s = find(dc,name).


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Open the dielectric catalog.

dc = DielectricCatalog;

List the properties of the dielectric material Foam.

s = find(dc,'Foam')
s = struct with fields:
                     Name: 'Foam'
    Relative_Permittivity: 1.0300
             Loss_Tangent: 1.5000e-04
                Frequency: 50000000
                 Comments: ''

Use the material Foam as a dielectric in a cavity antenna of height and spacing, 0.0060 m.

d = dielectric('Foam');
c = cavity('Height',0.0060,'Spacing',0.0060,'Substrate',d)
c = 
  cavity with properties:

            Exciter: [1x1 dipole]
          Substrate: [1x1 dielectric]
             Length: 0.2000
              Width: 0.2000
             Height: 0.0060
            Spacing: 0.0060
    EnableProbeFeed: 0
               Tilt: 0
           TiltAxis: [1 0 0]
               Load: [1x1 lumpedElement]

show (c)

Input Arguments

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Name of a dielectric material from the dielectric catalog, specified as a character vector.

Example: 'FR4'

Data Types: char

Dielectric catalog, specified as an object handle.

Data Types: char

Output Arguments

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Dielectric catalog, returned as an object handle.

Parameters of a dielectric material from the dielectric catalog, returned as a structure.

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Introduced in R2016a