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Show data interface in the Interface Editor

Since R2022b



show(dataInterfaceObj) displays the data interface in the Architectural Data Editor.


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This example shows how to view a data interface in the Interface Editor.

Create a Simulink.interface.Dictionary object by opening an existing interface dictionary.

interfaceDictObj ='myInterfaceDict.sldd')
interfaceDictObj = 
  Dictionary with properties:

    DictionaryFileName: 'myInterfaceDict.sldd'
            Interfaces: [1×1 Simulink.interface.dictionary.DataInterface]
             DataTypes: [0×0 Simulink.interface.dictionary.DataType]

Use the show function to display the data interface in the Interface Editor.


Interface Editor window displaying data interface object interfaceObj

Input Arguments

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Data interface to display in the Interface Editor, specified as a Simulink.interface.dictionary.DataInterface object.

Version History

Introduced in R2022b

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