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Generate C and C++ code from MATLAB code

MATLAB® Coder™ generates C and C++ code from MATLAB code for a variety of hardware platforms, from desktop systems to embedded hardware. It supports most of the MATLAB language and a wide range of toolboxes. You can integrate the generated code into your projects as source code, static libraries, or dynamic libraries. The generated code is readable and portable. You can incorporate your existing C code and libraries to get the ultimate efficiency for the key parts of your algorithm, or to reuse code you trust. You can also package the generated code as a MEX-function for use in the MATLAB environment for verification or acceleration.

Embedded Coder® enhances MATLAB Coder for production use with support for code customization, target-specific optimizations, code traceability, and software-in-the-loop (SIL) and processor-in-the-loop (PIL) verification.

To deploy complete applications, including the user interfaces, use MATLAB Compiler SDK™. To deploy MATLAB programs as standalone applications, use MATLAB Compiler™ and to generate software components for integration with other programming languages, use MATLAB Compiler SDK.


About Code Generation from MATLAB Algorithms

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Generate C Code from MATLAB Code
Workflow for generating C/C++ code from MATLAB code.