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Source blocks output frames of contiguous time samples but do not use frame attribute

Source blocks output frames of contiguous time samples but do not use the frame attribute. Frame processing is still supported. Starting in R2020a:

 Compatibility Considerations

The behavior of the random number generator for the Bernoulli Binary Generator and Poisson Integer Generator block has changed. The statistics have been improved.

For the Bernoulli Binary Generator, Poisson Integer Generator, and the Random Integer Generator blocks, the following changes were made:

  • Removed Frame-based outputs and Interpret vector parameters as 1–D parameters. Blocks always output a sample-based 2-D vector.

  • Introduced Source of initial seed parameter.

    To use the default MATLAB® random number generator, leave the Source of initial seed parameter set to Auto. To set an initial seed, set Source of initial seed to Parameter and then set the Initial seed value.

  • Behavior of the random number generator is changed. The statistics are improved.

For the Poisson Integer Generator block, the Lambda parameter is now Poisson parameter (lambda). For the Random Integer Generator block, the M-ary number parameter is now Set size.

The Frame-based outputs parameter was removed for these blocks:

  • Barker Code Generator

  • Gold Sequence Generator

  • Hadamard Code Generator

  • Kasami Sequence Generator

  • OVSF Code Generator

  • PN Sequence Generator

  • Walsh Code Generator

They always output sample-based 2-D vectors. These blocks can be upgraded using the Upgrade Advisor.