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Speed Up Tuning with Parallel Computing Toolbox Software

If you have the Parallel Computing Toolbox™ software installed, you can speed up the tuning of fixed-structure control systems. When you run multiple randomized optimization starts with systune, looptune, or hinfstruct (Robust Control Toolbox), parallel computing speeds up tuning by distributing the optimization runs among workers.

To distribute randomized optimization runs among workers:

If Automatically create a parallel pool is not selected in your Parallel Computing Toolbox preferences (Parallel Computing Toolbox), manually start a parallel pool using parpool. For example:


If Automatically create a parallel pool is selected in your preferences, you do not need to manually start a pool.

Create a systuneOptions, looptuneOptions, or hinfstructOptions (Robust Control Toolbox) set that specifies multiple random starts. For example, the following options set specifies 20 random restarts to run in parallel for tuning with looptune:

options = systuneOptions('RandomStart',20,'UseParallel',true);

Setting UseParallel to true enables parallel processing by distributing the randomized starts among available workers in the parallel pool.

Use the options set when you call the tuning command. For example, if you have already created a tunable control system model, CL0, and tunable controller, and tuning requirement vectors SoftReqs and HardReqs, the following command uses parallel computing to tune the control system of CL0 with systune.

[CL,fSoft,gHard,info] = systune(CL0,SoftReq,Hardreq,options);

To learn more about configuring a parallel pool, see the Parallel Computing Toolbox documentation.

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