Periodic Waveform Generation

Generate periodic waveforms functions with Digilent® devices

Before you use the function generator channels, see Supported Hardware and Hardware Discovery and Session Setup.

To learn how to generate waveforms using Digilent function generation channels, see the Periodic Waveform Generation Workflow.


addFunctionGeneratorChannelAdd function generator channel


GainWaveform output gain
FrequencyFrequency of generated output
FrequencyLimitLimit of rate of operation based on hardware configuration
PhaseWaveform phase
RangeSpecify channel measurement range
WaveformTypeFunction generator channel waveform type
DutyCycleDuty cycle of output channel
OffsetSpecify DC offset of waveform
DeviceChannel device information
IDID of channel in session
NameSpecify descriptive name for the channel
MeasurementTypeChannel measurement type


Generate a Standard Waveform Using Waveform Function Generation Channels

This example shows how to use the function generation channel in a session to generate a sine waveform function, at 100kHz frequency.

Digilent Waveform Function Generation Channels

Waveform function generator channels on a Digilent device can generate both standard and arbitrary waveform functions.

Waveform Types

Your hardware can support generation of arbitrary waveforms or standard waveforms, or both.