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Digital Input and Output

Acquire and generate digital data with data acquisition hardware

Before you use digital channels, see Hardware Discovery and Setup.


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addinputAdd input channel to device interface (Since R2020a)
addoutputAdd output channel to device interface (Since R2020a)
addbidirectionalAdd digital bidirectional channel to device interface (Since R2020a)
removechannelRemove channel from device interface (Since R2020a)
readRead data acquired by hardware (Since R2020a)
writeWrite output scans to hardware channels (Since R2020a)
readwriteSimultaneously read and write device channel data (Since R2020a)
startStart DataAcquisition background operation (Since R2020a)
stopStop background operation (Since R2020a)
preloadQueue scan data for device output (Since R2020a)
flushFlush DataAcquisition input and output buffers (Since R2020a)
decimalToBinaryVectorConvert decimal value to binary vector
binaryVectorToDecimalConvert binary vector value to decimal value
hexToBinaryVectorConvert hexadecimal value to binary vector
binaryVectorToHexConvert binary vector value to hexadecimal


Basic Workflow