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Display available vendors


vendor = daq.getVendors



daq.getVendors lists vendors available to your machine and MATLAB®.

vendor = daq.getVendors assigns the output list to the variable vendor.


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Get a list of all vendors available to your machine and MATLAB, and store it in the variable v.

v = daq.getVendors
v = 

Number of vendors: 5

index     ID      Operational           Comment          
----- ----------- ----------- ---------------------------
1     ni          true        National Instruments
2     adi         true        Analog Devices Inc.
3     directsound true        DirectSound
4     digilent    true        Digilent Inc.
5     mcc         true        Measurement Computing Corp.

Programmatically determine if 'adi' is an operational vendor.

for idx = 1:length(v)
    if strcmp(v(idx).ID,'adi')
ans =



Output Arguments

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Vendor list, returned as an array of VendorInfo objects. This represents the vendor information available to your system.

For a list of vendors currently supported by Data Acquisition Toolbox™, and instructions for installing necessary support packages, see Data Acquisition Toolbox Supported Hardware. For information on using the SDK to extend support for other vendors, see Build Custom Adaptors.

Introduced in R2010b