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Deep Learning Processor Customization and IP Generation

Configure, build, and generate custom bitstreams and processor IP cores, estimate and benchmark custom deep learning processor performance

Deep Learning HDL Toolbox™ provides functions to configure, build, and generate custom bitstreams and a custom processor IP. Obtain performance and resource utilization of a pretrained series network on the custom processor. Optimize the custom processor by using the estimation results.


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dlhdl.ProcessorConfigConfigure custom deep learning processor


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dlhdl.buildProcessorBuild and generate custom processor IP
buildCalibrationBitstreamGenerate calibration bitstream and path to generated bitstream files
deployCalibrationBitstreamDeploy calibration bitstream and generate calibration data file
estimatePerformanceRetrieve layer-level latencies and performance by using estimatePerformance method
estimateResourcesReturn estimated resources used by custom bitstream configuration
optimizeConfigurationForNetworkUpdate network-specific deep learning processor configuration with optimized deep learning processor configuration
getModuleProperty Use the getModuleProperty method to get values of module properties within the dlhdl.ProcessorConfig object
setModuleProperty Use the setModuleProperty method to set properties of modules within the dlhdl.ProcessorConfig object
openCustomLayerModelOpen a generated custom layer verification model to verify your custom layers
registerCustomLayer Register the custom layer definition and Simulink model representation of the custom layer
verifyCustomLayerModel Verify the functionality and accuracy of the custom layer by using the generated custom layer verification model


Custom Processor Configuration

Custom Processor Code Generation

  • Generate Custom Bitstream
    Rapidly prototype and iterate custom deep learning networks performance by configuring, building and generating custom bitstreams which can then be deployed to target FPGA and SoC boards.
  • Generate Custom Processor IP
    Build and generate IP for the dlhdl.ProcessorConfig.