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Clear data from bird’s-eye plot



clearPlotterData(bep) clears all plotter data displayed in the specified bird’s-eye plot. Legend entries and coverage areas are not cleared from the plot.

To clear data from a specific plotter, use the clearData function.


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Create a bird's-eye plot with an x-axis range of 0 to 90 meters and a y-axis range from –35 to 35 meters. Configure the plot to include a radar coverage area plotter and a detection plotter. Set the display names of these plotters.

bep = birdsEyePlot('XLim',[0 90],'YLim',[-35 35]);
coverageAreaPlotter(bep,'DisplayName','Radar coverage area');
detectionPlotter(bep,'DisplayName','Radar detections');

Use findPlotter to locate the plotters by their display names.

caPlotter = findPlotter(bep,'DisplayName','Radar coverage area');
radarPlotter = findPlotter(bep,'DisplayName','Radar detections');

Plot the coverage area and detected objects.

plotCoverageArea(caPlotter,[1 0],30,0,35);
plotDetection(radarPlotter,[30 5; 30 -10; 30 15]);

Clear data from the plot.


Input Arguments

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Bird’s-eye plot, specified as a birdsEyePlot object.

Version History

Introduced in R2017a

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