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Display actor paths on bird’s-eye plot



plotPath(pPlotter,pathCoords) displays the paths of actors from a list of path coordinates on a bird's-eye plot. The path plotter object, pPlotter, is associated with a birdsEyePlot object and configures the display of the specified path.

To remove all paths associated with the path plotter pPlotter, call the clearData function and specify pPlotter as the input argument.


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Create a 3-meter-wide lane.

lb = parabolicLaneBoundary([-0.001,0.01,1.5]);
rb = parabolicLaneBoundary([-0.001,0.01,-1.5]);

Compute the lane boundary model manually from 0 to 30 meters along the x-axis.

xWorld = (0:30)';
yLeft = computeBoundaryModel(lb,xWorld);
yRight = computeBoundaryModel(rb,xWorld);

Create a bird's-eye plot and lane boundary plotter. Display the lane information on the bird's-eye plot.

bep = birdsEyePlot('XLimits',[0 30],'YLimits',[-5 5]);
lanePlotter = laneBoundaryPlotter(bep,'DisplayName','Lane boundaries');

Create a path plotter. Create and display the path of an ego vehicle that travels through the center of the lane.

yCenter = (yLeft + yRight)/2;
egoPathPlotter = pathPlotter(bep,'DisplayName','Ego vehicle path');

Input Arguments

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Path plotter, specified as a PathPlotter object. This object is stored in the Plotters property of a birdsEyePlot object and configures the display of the specified actor paths in the bird's-eye plot. To create this object, use the pathPlotter function.

Path coordinates, specified as a cell array of M-by-2 real-valued matrices. Each matrix represents the coordinates for a different path. M is the number of coordinates in a path and can be different for each path. The first and second columns of each matrix represent the (X, Y) positions of the path curve. The positive X-direction points ahead of the center of the vehicle. The positive Y-direction points to the left of the origin of the vehicle, which is the center of the rear axle, as shown in this figure of the vehicle coordinate system..

Vehicle with X-axis, Y-axis, and origin labeled

Path coordinates are relative to the ego vehicle.

Version History

Introduced in R2017a