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Generate XML file for schema version


Select the AUTOSAR Classic Platform schema version to use when generating XML files

Category: Code Generation > AUTOSAR Code Generation Options


Default: 4.3


Use schema version 4.4 (revision 4.4.0)


Use schema version 4.3 (revision 4.3.1)


Use schema version 4.2 (revision 4.2.2)


Use schema version 4.1 (revision 4.1.3)


Use schema version 4.0 (revision 4.0.3)


  • Selecting the AUTOSAR target for your model for the first time sets the schema version parameter to the default value, 4.3.

  • When you import ARXML code into Simulink®, the ARXML importer detects the schema version and sets the schema version parameter in the model. For a list of AUTOSAR schema revisions supported for ARXML import, see Select AUTOSAR Schema (AUTOSAR Blockset).

  • Set the same value for top and referenced models.

  • To configure other AUTOSAR options, use the AUTOSAR code perspective. From the Apps tab, open the AUTOSAR Component Designer app.

Command-Line Information

Parameter: AutosarSchemaVersion
Type: character vector
Value: '4.4' | '4.3' | '4.2' | '4.1' | '4.0'
Default: '4.3'

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