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STMicroelectronics Discovery Boards

Code generation, verification, and deployment to STMicroelectronics Discovery boards

The Embedded Coder® Support Package for STMicroelectronics® STM32 Processors provides a library of Simulink® blocks and model configurations specific to the following STMicroelectronics Discovery™ boards.

  • STM32F4-Discovery board

  • STM32F746G-Discovery board

  • STM32F769I-Discovery board

  • STM32L475VG-Discovery (B-L475-IOT01A) board


  • Modeling
    Prepare model for hardware connection, add blocks to support hardware protocols
  • Run on Target Hardware
    Build the model to load and run an executable on the STMicroelectronics Discovery hardware board
  • Verification
    Show numerical equivalence between MATLAB® code and generated code with STMicroelectronics Discovery board