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Choose a Componentization Technique for Code Reuse

Key componentization techniques that you can use with Simulink® and the code generator to produce reusable code include:

  • Referenced models

  • Subsystems

  • Library subsystems

  • Combinations of models, subsystems, and library subsystems

Choose componentization techniques based on your code reuse goals.

GoalReferenced ModelSubsystem in ModelSubsystem in Library
Design for explicit code reuse.
Facilitate parallel team development.
Reuse function within a model or across models.  
Reduce build time by generating reusable code incrementally.  
Verify reusable code with SIL or PIL simulation.  
Optimize generated code by configuring code generator to detect opportunities for code reuse.
Maximize reuse with context-dependent behavior. 
Develop a frequently used, and infrequently changed, utility function.  

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