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Exceptions to Identifier Formatting Conventions

There are some exceptions to the identifier formatting conventions described in Identifier Format Control.

  • Type name generation: name mangling conventions do not apply to type names (that is, typedef statements) generated for global data types. If the $R token is included in the Identifier format control parameter specification, the model name is included in the typedef. When generating type definitions, the Maximum identifier length parameter is not respected.

  • Non-Auto storage classes: the Identifier format control parameters specification does not affect objects (such as signals and parameters) that have a storage class other than Auto (such as ImportedExtern or ExportedGlobal).

  • For shared utilities, code generation inserts the checksum specified by $C to prevent name collisions in the following situations:

    • $C is specified without $N.

    • The length of $N plus the length of the text that you specify exceeds the Maximum identifier length. Code generation truncates $N and inserts an 8-character checksum where you specified $C in the formatting scheme.