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Chart Financial Data

Charting options for financial data input using timetables or tables


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candleCandlestick chart
highlowHigh, low, open, close chart
kagiKagi chart
linebreakLine break chart
movavgMoving average of a financial time series
pointfigPoint and figure chart
priceandvolPrice and Volume chart
volareaPrice and volume chart
dateaxisConvert serial-date axis labels to calendar-date axis labels
ret2tickConvert return series to price series
tick2retConvert price series to return series

Examples and How To

  • Using Timetables in Finance

    This example shows how to use timetables to visualize and calculate weekly statistics from simulated daily stock data.

  • Bollinger Chart

    The bolling function in Financial Toolbox™ software produces a Bollinger band chart using all the closing prices in an IBM® stock price matrix.