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Decide Which Workflow is Right for Your Application

There are two primary workflows available for converting MATLAB® code to fixed-point code.

  • Manual Workflow

    The manual workflow provides the most control to optimize the fixed-point types, but requires a greater understanding of fixed-point concepts.

    For more information, see Manual Fixed-Point Conversion Best Practices.

  • Automated Workflow

    The Fixed-Point Converter app enables you to convert your MATLAB code to fixed-point code without requiring extensive preexisting knowledge of fixed-point concepts. However, this workflow provides less control over your data types.

    For more information, see Automated Fixed-Point Conversion Best Practices.

 Manual WorkflowAutomated Workflow
Fully automated conversion 
Less fixed-point expertise required 
Quick turnaround time 
Simulation range analysis
Static range analysis 
Iterative workflow 
Portable design
Greatest control and optimization of data types 
Data type proposal
Histogram logging
Code coverage 
Automatic plotting of output variables for comparison 

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