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Obtain values of tunable parameters from fuzzy inference system



paramvals = getTunableValues(fis,paramset) returns tunable parameter values of the fuzzy inference system fis. To specify the parameter values to return, use paramset.


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Create a fuzzy inference system, and define the tunable parameter settings of inputs, outputs, and rules.

fis = mamfis('NumInputs',2,'NumOutputs',1);
[in,out,rule] = getTunableSettings(fis);

Obtain tunable parameter values of the inputs, outputs, and rules of the fuzzy inference system.

paramVals = getTunableValues(fis,[in;out;rule]);

Input Arguments

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Fuzzy inference system, specified as one of the following:

  • mamfis object — Mamdani fuzzy inference system

  • sugfis object — Sugeno fuzzy inference system

  • mamfistype2 object — Type-2 Mamdani fuzzy inference system (since R2019b)

  • sugfistype2 object — Type-2 Sugeno fuzzy inference system (since R2019b)

  • fistree object — Tree of interconnected fuzzy inference systems

Fuzzy inference system, specified as a mamfis, sugfis, mamfistype2, sugfistype2, or fistree object.

Tunable parameter settings, specified as an array of input, output, and rule parameter settings in the input FIS. To obtain these parameter settings, use the getTunableSettings function with the input fis.

paramset can be the input, output, or rule parameter settings, or any combination of these settings.

Output Arguments

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Tunable parameter values, returned as an array. The order of the values in paramvals matches the order of the parameters in paramset.

You can modify these parameter values, and then set them in your FIS using setTunableValues.

Version History

Introduced in R2019a