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Load instantiated HDL module for cosimulation with Cadence Incisive and Simulink




Issue this command in Cadence Incisive®, not in MATLAB®.

hdlsimulink instance -socket tcp_spec <ncsim_args> loads the specified instance of HDL design for cosimulation and sets up the Cadence Incisive simulator so it can establish a shared communication link with Simulink®. The Cadence Incisive simulator opens a simulation workspace into which it loads the HDL design.

To generate the hdlsimulink function, you must first invoke the nclaunch function in MATLAB.


Load Instantiated HDL Model for Cosimulation with Simulink

In Cadence Incisive, load the HDL module instance parse from the library work. This action also establishes communication with Simulink and opens a Tcl script shell.

tclshell> hdlsimulink -gui work.parse

Input Arguments

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Instance of HDL design to load for cosimulation.

Specify one or more ncsim command line arguments. Do not use -GUI, -BATCH, or -TCL. For details, see the description of ncsim in the Cadence Incisive simulator documentation.

TCP/IP socket communication for the link between Cadence Incisive and Simulink, specified as a TCP/IP port name or service name. If the MATLAB server is running on a remote host, you must also specify the name or internet address of the remote host. When this input argument is not specified, the function uses shared memory communication. This setting overrides the setting specified with the MATLAB nclaunch function.

Introduced in R2008a