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3-Position Valve Actuator

This example shows a use of a double-acting valve actuator. All three actuators are driven by the same pulse signals. A pulse is first applied to port A and after 1.5 s delay a pulse is applied to port B. Actuator A is set to start from the "Extended positive" position, while actuator C starts from the "Extended negative" position. As a result, actuators A and C move to the neutral position at the start of simulation and reach this position before the first pulse is applied. The actuators strokes, switch-on, and switch-off times are set to different values to illustrate the effects of these parameters.


Simulation Results from Simscape Logging

The plots below show the behavior of the 3-Position Valve Actuator block. The same pulses are applied to all three actuators, which each have different values for switching-on time, switching-off time, and stroke.