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Steps for Using the System Identification App

A typical workflow in the System Identification app includes the following steps:

  1. Import your data into the MATLAB® workspace, as described in Representing Data in MATLAB Workspace.

  2. Start a new session in the System Identification app, or open a saved session. For more information, see Starting a New Session in the App.

  3. Import data into the app from the MATLAB workspace. For more information, see Represent Data.

  4. Plot and preprocess data to prepare it for system identification. For example, you can remove constant offsets or linear trends (for linear models only), filter data, or select data regions of interest. For more information, see Preprocess Data.

  5. Specify the data for estimation and validation. For more information, see Specify Estimation and Validation Data in the App.

  6. Select the model type to estimate using the Estimate menu.

  7. Validate models. For more information, see Model Validation.

  8. Export models to the MATLAB workspace for further analysis. For more information, see Exporting Models from the App to the MATLAB Workspace.