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Specify callback function to execute when run-time error occurs


The ErrorFcn property specifies the function to execute when an error event occurs. A run-time error event is generated immediately after a run-time error occurs.

Run-time errors include hardware errors and timeouts. Run-time errors do not include configuration errors such as setting an invalid property value.

Run-time error event information is stored in the EventLog property. You can retrieve any error message with the Data.Message field of EventLog.


Callbacks, including ErrorFcn, are executed only when the video object is in a running state. If you need to use the ErrorFcn callback for error handling during previewing, you must start the video object before previewing. To do that without logging data, use a manual trigger.



Read only while running

Data type

Character vector, function handle, or cell array


imaqcallback is the default callback function.

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