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Image Acquisition Toolbox Supported Hardware

Support for third-party hardware

The functionality for all supported hardware is now available through support packages. Starting with R2014a, each adaptor is available separately through MATLAB® Add-Ons, and you must install the appropriate support packages to use the toolbox with your hardware. For more information, see Installing the Support Packages for Image Acquisition Toolbox Adaptors.

As of this release, Image Acquisition Toolbox™ supports the following hardware in support packages.

Support PackageVendorEarliest Release AvailableLast Release Available
DALSA Sapera HardwareDALSA® SaperaR2014aCurrent

DCAM Hardware

GenICam InterfaceGenICam™R2014aCurrent

GigE Vision Hardware


Acquisition Using GigE Vision Hardware
GigE Vision®R2014aCurrent

Hamamatsu Hardware


Kinect For Windows Sensor


Acquisition Using Kinect for Windows Hardware
Kinect® For Windows®R2014aCurrent

OS Generic Video Interface

Linux® Video (linuxvideo)R2014aCurrent

OS Generic Video Interface

Macintosh (macvideo) R2014aCurrent

OS Generic Video Interface

Windows Video (winvideo)

Matrox HardwareMatrox®R2014aCurrent
National Instruments Frame GrabbersNational Instruments™R2014aCurrent

Point Grey Hardware

Point GreyR2014aCurrent

QImaging Hardware


Velodyne LiDAR® Sensors

Velodyne LiDARR2019aR2020a

Note: Starting in R2020b, see Supported Hardware (Lidar Toolbox)

For a complete list of supported hardware, see Hardware Support.

For instructions on how to install any of these support packages, see Installing the Support Packages for Image Acquisition Toolbox Adaptors.