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Read all data from blockedPointCloudDatastore

Since R2022a



    b = readall(bpcds) read all the data from the blockedPointCloudDatastore object bpcds.


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    Create a blocked point cloud.

    pcfile = fullfile(toolboxdir("lidar"),"lidardata", ...
    bpc = blockedPointCloud(pcfile,[200 200]);

    Create a blockedPointCloudDatastore from the blocked point cloud.

    bpcds = blockedPointCloudDatastore(bpc);

    Read all the blocks from the blockedPointCloudDatastore. The readall object function returns a cell array containing the six blocks.

    b = readall(bpcds)
    b=6×1 cell array
        {1x1 pointCloud}
        {1x1 pointCloud}
        {1x1 pointCloud}
        {1x1 pointCloud}
        {1x1 pointCloud}
        {1x1 pointCloud}

    Input Arguments

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    Blocked point cloud datastore, specified as a blockedPointCloudDatastore object.

    Output Arguments

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    Data from the blockedPointCloudDatastore, returned as a cell array of block data. The length of the cell array is equal to the value of the ReadSize property of the blockedPointCloudDatastore object. Each element of b contains the data for a single block of bpcds. The readall function returns the data from each individual read operation such that the data can be concatenated vertically.

    The data type of this output is the same as the data type of the output of the read function.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2022a