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Retrieve feature and segment indices corresponding to map view

Since R2021a



idx = findView(sMap,viewIds) retrieves the indices of the features and segments that correspond to the specified views viewIds.


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Load a map of segments and features into the workspace.

data = load('segmatchMapFullParkingLot.mat');
sMap = data.segmatchMapFullParkingLot;

Retrieve the feature and segment indices corresponding to specific views.

viewIds = 20:25;
idx = findView(sMap,viewIds);

Select the segments that correspond to these views.

segments = sMap.Segments(idx);

Visualize the segments.

ptCloud = pccat(segments);

Input Arguments

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Map of segments and features, specified as a pcmapsegmatch object.

View identifiers, specified as an M-element vector. M is the number of views to delete. Each view identifier is unique to a specific view.

Output Arguments

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Indices of the index to features and segments in the specified views, returned as an N-element vector. N is the total number of features and segments in the map. If an element of idx is 1 (true), then the corresponding feature belongs to a specified view.

Version History

Introduced in R2021a

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