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Sidelink broadcast channel



cw = lteSLBCH(ue,trblk) returns a column vector of sidelink broadcast channel (SL-BCH) transport channel coded bits for the specified UE settings structure and transport block payload. The encoding process includes 16-bit CRC calculation and attachment, tail-biting convolutional encoding, rate matching, and PUSCH interleaving, as defined in TS 36.212 [1], Section 5.4.1. This transport channel carries the lteSLMIB RRC message. The sidelink BCH codeword output, cw, is ready for transmission on the physical sidelink broadcast channel using ltePSBCH.


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Generate an SL-BCH coded vector of length 1152, corresponding to the SL-BCH codeword for normal cyclic prefix.

Create UE-specific configuration structure with 10 MHz bandwidth and normal cyclic prefix.

ue.NSLRB = 50;
ue.CyclicPrefixSL = 'Normal';

Generate the MIB-SL transport block and SL-BCH codeword.

slmib = lteSLMIB(ue);
slbchCodeword = lteSLBCH(ue,slmib);

Input Arguments

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User equipment settings, specified as a parameter structure containing the following fields:

Sidelink mode, specified as 'D2D' or 'V2X'.

Data Types: char | string

Cyclic prefix length, specified as 'Normal' or 'Extended'.

Data Types: char | string

Data Types: struct

Transport block, specified as a 40-bit vector containing MIB-SL information bits. These bits are delivered at the input to the SL-BCH transport channel.

Data Types: double | int8 | logical

Output Arguments

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Codeword representing the MIB-SL information bits, returned as a binary-valued column vector. For D2D sidelink mode, this vector has length 1152 for normal cyclic prefix or 864 for extended cyclic prefix. For V2X PSBCH, this vector has length 1008, defined for normal cyclic prefix only. If the input MIB-SL message is empty, the function returns this output as an empty 0-by-1 matrix. The output codeword matches the bit capacity available in the PSBCH. The PSBCH bit capacity is based on the specified cyclic prefix setting and does not account for the sidelink SC-FDMA guard symbol. For more information, see ltePSBCHIndices.

Data Types: int8


[1] 3GPP TS 36.212. “Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA); Multiplexing and channel coding.” 3rd Generation Partnership Project; Technical Specification Group Radio Access Network. URL:

Version History

Introduced in R2016b