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Complete HTTP header for MultipartProvider




complete(provider,URI) adds a "multipart/subtype" Content-Type field with appropriate parameters to the RequestMessage. The subtype is taken from the value of the Subtype property, which is, by default, "mixed". If the message already contains a Content-Type field, it is preserved. If the field contains a "boundary" parameter, then the value of the parameter becomes the boundary delimiter. If it does not contain such a value and the type is "multipart", then complete generates a boundary parameter and adds it to the field. If changed or added, then the new ContentTypeField is inserted in this provider's Header property.

This method is an overridden method of complete. Subclasses that extend MultipartProvider can specify their own subtype and other parameters by calling complete first and then modifying the ContentTypeField in Header.

Input Arguments

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Content provider, specified as a object.

Uniform resource identifier, specified as a object.



Version History

Introduced in R2018a