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Architecture and Resources on Azure

Deploying the MATLAB® Production Server™ reference architecture on Azure® creates several resources in your resource group. The following sections describe the architecture of MATLAB Production Server and the Azure resources that the deployment provisions.

MATLAB Production Server Reference Architecture on Azure

MATLAB Production Server reference architecture on Azure architecture diagram

Azure Resources

The MATLAB Production Server deployment in Azure creates the following resources in your resource group.

Resource NameResource Name in AzureDescription

MATLAB Production Server dashboard virtual machine


Virtual machine (VM) that hosts the MATLAB Production Server dashboard. Use the dashboard to:

  • Get the HTTPS endpoint to make requests.

  • Upload applications (CTF files) to the server.

  • Manage server configurations.

  • Configure access control for the dashboard and applications.

For more information about the dashboard, see Manage MATLAB Production Server Using the Dashboard.

MATLAB Production Server public IPservermachine-public-ip

Public IP address to connect to MATLAB Production Server dashboard.

If you choose to not use public IP addresses during deployment, the ARM template does not create this resource.

Virtual machine scale setvmss<uniqueID>

Number of identical VMs to be deployed. Each VM runs an instance of MATLAB Production Server that in turn runs multiple MATLAB Production Server workers.

For information on how to change the number of VMs, see Change the Number of Virtual Machines.

Application gatewayvmss<uniqueID>-agw

Load balancer for routing traffic to MATLAB Production Server instances.

The MATLAB Production Server dashboard retrieves the HTTPS endpoint for making requests to the server from the application gateway resource. Clients use the HTTPS endpoint for making requests to the server.

Storage accountserverlog<uniqueID>

Storage account that stores applications (CTF files) created by MATLAB Compiler SDK™. The deployable archives are stored in an Azure file share.

Virtual networkvmss<uniqueID>-vnetVirtual network that consists of the deployed resources.
Azure Cache for Redis™vmss<uniqueID>redis

Redis cache that enables caching of data between calls to MATLAB code running on a server instance.

For more information on using a data cache, see Data Caching Basics.

Application Insightslogs-apmservice

Application performance management service that enables storing and viewing of all logs associated with deployment.

For information on how to view the logs, see View Logs.

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