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Mixed-Signal Blockset Models

Model examples for PLL, ADC, SerDes, and SMPS systems using Mixed-Signal Blockset™ Models add-on library

The Mixed-Signal Blockset Models is a collection of white-box models that uses elements from Mixed-Signal Blockset to explore the design of PLLs, ADCs, SerDes, and SMPS circuits.

The model examples explore:

  • Designing PLL architectures, including behavioral models and impairments

  • Designing ADC architectures, including interleaved ADC, subranging ADC, Successive Approximation ADC, and delta sigma ADC

  • Designing SMPS systems, such as Boost, Buck, Flyback, and SEPIC

  • Designing SerDes systems and its components, such as backplane modeling, tunable equalizers, clock recovery systems, and encoder/decoder models

Download the Mixed-Signal Blockset Models add-on library from the Add-on explorer.  For more information on downloading add-ons, see Get Add-Ons (MATLAB).

Access the Mixed-Signal Blockset Models add-on library from Simulink library browser or MATLAB command prompt.  To access the installed add-on library:

  • Open the Mixed-Signal Blockset Models library from the Simulink® library browser.

  • At the MATLAB® command prompt, enter open_system('mixedsignallibs').

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