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Queue Management and Job Information

Manage scheduler queue; get information about existing jobs and tasks


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pausePause MATLAB Job Scheduler queue
resumeResume processing queue in MATLAB Job Scheduler
cancelCancel job or task
deleteRemove job or task object from cluster and memory
promotePromote job in MATLAB Job Scheduler cluster queue
demoteDemote job in cluster queue
changePasswordPrompt MATLAB Job Scheduler password change
logoutLog out of MATLAB Job Scheduler cluster
findJobFind job objects in cluster
findTaskTask objects belonging to job object
getTaskSchedulerIDsScheduler IDs of tasks in job (Since R2019b)
getDebugLogRead output messages from job run in CJS cluster
getJobClusterDataGet specific user data for job on third-party cluster
setJobClusterDataSet specific user data for job on third-party cluster

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