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Generate Global Variables from Signals in Model

If you want to generate a global variable in your code, use a global Data Store Memory block based on a Simulink.Signal object in your model.

  1. Set up a data store in your model by using a Data Store Memory block.

  2. Associate a Simulink.Signal object with the data store.

    1. In the base workspace, define a Simulink.Signal object with the same name as the data store. Set the storage class of the object to ExportedGlobal or ImportedExtern.

    2. Use the Model Data Editor to enable the Data store name must resolve to Simulink signal object parameter of the Data Store Memory block. To use the Model Data Editor in a model, on the Modeling tab, select Model Data Editor under the Design category. On the Data Stores tab, set the Change View drop-down to Design. Enable Resolve for the Data Store Memory block. For more information, see Model Data Editor.

  3. To utilize Data Store Read and Data Store Write blocks, attach the signals in your model that you want to read from or write to the data store.

The Simulink.Signal object that is associated with the global Data Store Memory block appears as a global variable in generated code.


If you follow this workflow for Rockwell Automation RSLogix 5000 AOIs, the generated code uses INOUT variables for the global data.