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Scenario Visualization

Plot objects, detections, and tracks in a radar tracking scenario

Use theater plot to display the scenario. Plot object positions, detections, track and orientation and other scenario properties.


theaterPlotPlot objects, detections, and tracks in Scenario
clearDataClear data from specific plotter of theater plot
findPlotterReturn array of plotters associated with theater plot
clearPlotterDataClear plotter data from theater plot
coveragePlotterCreate coverage plotter
plotCoveragePlot set of coverages in theater coverage plotter
detectionPlotterCreate detection plotter
plotDetectionPlot set of detections in theater detection plotter
orientationPlotterCreate orientation plotter
plotOrientationPlot set of orientations in orientation plotter
platformPlotterCreate platform plotter
plotPlatformPlot set of platforms in platform plotter
trackPlotterCreate track plotter
plotTrackPlot set of tracks in theater track plotter
surfacePlotterCreate surface plotter
plotSurfacePlot surfaces in theater surface plotter
surfacePlotterDataData for surface plotter
clutterRegionPlotterCreate clutter region plotter
plotClutterRegionPlot clutter region in theater plot
clutterRegionDataCreate data structure used as input to clutter region plotter
trajectoryPlotterCreate trajectory plotter
plotTrajectoryPlot set of trajectories in trajectory plotter