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Junctions and Traffic Signals

Design road networks, modify lane connectivity through junctions, add working traffic lights

Using RoadRunner, you can generate road networks with lane and intersection connectivity for use in automotive and traffic simulation environments.

When creating roads that intersect, RoadRunner creates junctions automatically. For explicit control over junction creation, use the Custom Junction Tool. Additional junction tools enable you to modify the junction geometry and lane connectivity. Using the Signal Tool, you can edit the signal phases and timing of traffic lights at junctions.

Prop assembly with sign attached to it


Custom Junction ToolOverride RoadRunner automatic junction functionality for advanced cases
Corner ToolAdjust shape and materials of junction corners
Junction Surface ToolControl how road elevations and cross-sections influence interior triangulation of intersections
Maneuver ToolManipulate individual maneuver roads (paths) within junction
Signal ToolConfigure junction signalization and signal traffic phases


Crosswalk Marking AssetsDefine crosswalk marking properties, such as color, width, and spacing
Signal AssetsDefine dynamic traffic signal heads with lights


Resolve Triangulation Issues in Junctions

Resolve common triangulation issues that occur when creating junctions.