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Figure Loop

Apply child components to specified graphics figures


This component applies each child component to specified figures in the report. For more information about working with this component, see Logical and Looping Components.

Figure Selection

  • Include figures

    • Current figure only: Includes only the current figure in the report.

    • Visible figures: Loops on all visible figures. The Data figures only option is checked by default and excludes figures with HandleVisibility = 'off' from the loop.

    • All figures with tags: Loops on figures with specified tags, select When you select a given tag, all figures with that tag appear in the loop, regardless of whether each figure is visible or whether its HandleVisibility attribute is 'on' or 'off'.

      The tag field (located under All figures with tags) shows selected tags. To add tags to this field, type in the tag names, separating them with new lines.

  • Loop Figure List: Shows all figures that are included in the loop. If the report setup file generates new figures or changes existing figures, figures in the Loop Figure List are not the figures that are reported on.

Section Options

  • Create section for each object in loop: Inserts a section in the generated report for each object found in the loop.

  • Display the object type in the section title: Automatically inserts the object type into the section title in the generated report. This is only available when Create section for each object in loop is selected.

  • Create link anchor for each object in loop: Create a link target on each object in the loop so that other parts of the report can link to it.

Insert Anything into Report?

Yes, inserts a section if you select the Create section for each object in loop option.