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Handle Graphics Summary Table

Insert table that summarizes Handle Graphics object properties


This component inserts a table that summarizes Handle Graphics® object properties. Each row in the table represents an object. Each column in the table represents a property. You can specify object properties to include in the report.


  • Object type: Specifies the object type to display in the generated report. Options include:

    • figure

    • axes

    • object

    The available options in the Select Objects pane depend on your selection in the Object type menu.

  • Table title: Specifies a title for the table in the generated report. Options include:

    • Automatic: Generates a title automatically.

    • Custom: Specifies a custom title.

Property Columns

  • Property columns: Specifies object properties to include in the table in the generated report.

    • To add a property:

      1. Select the appropriate property level in the menu.

      2. In the list under the menu, select the property to add and click Add.

    • To delete a property, select its name and click Delete.

    Some entries in the list of available properties (such as Depth) are “virtual” properties which you cannot access using the get_param command. The properties used for property/value filtering in the block and system loop components must be retrievable by the get_param. Therefore, you cannot configure your summary table to report on all blocks of Depth == 2.

  • Remove empty columns: Removes empty columns from the table in the generated report.

  • Transpose table: Changes the summary table rows into columns in the generated report, putting the property names in the first column and the values in the other columns.

Object Rows

Insert anchor for each row: Inserts an anchor for each row in the summary table.

Figure Selection

The options displayed in the Figure Selection pane depend on the object type selected in the Object type list:

  • If Object type is figure, the following options appear:

    • Include figures

      • Current figure only: Includes only the current figure in the report.

      • Visible figures: Executes child components for figures that are currently open and visible. The Data figures only option is checked by default. This option excludes figures with HandleVisibility = 'off' from the loop.

      • All figures with tags: Includes all figures with a specified tag regardless of whether they are visible or their HandleVisibility parameter is 'on' or 'off'. The tag selection list, located under this option, shows available tags. You can add tag names to this list.

    • Data figure only (Exclude applications): Shows only data figures.

    • Loop Figure List: Shows figures within the current set of figures to display.

  • If Object type is axes, the following options appear:

    • Loop type:

      • All axes: Loops on all axes objects.

      • Current axes: Loops on the selected axes object.

    • Exclude objects which subclass axes: Excludes objects such as legends and color bars.

    • Loop Menu:

      • Loop on axes with handle visibility "on": Loops on visible axes objects.

      • Loop on all axes: Loops on all axes objects.

    • Search terms: Specifies search terms for the loop. For example, to search for Tag and My Data, enter "Tag", "My Data".

  • If Object type is object, the following options appear:

    • Exclude GUI objects (uicontrol, uimenu, ...): Excludes graphical interface objects, such as uicontrol and uimenu, from the loop.

    • Loop menu: Specifies the loop level:

      • Loop on objects with handle visibility "on"

      • Loop on all objects

    • Search for: Specifies space-delimited search terms.

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