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Class: mlreportgen.dom.Document
Namespace: mlreportgen.dom

Get image folder of document



imageDirectory = mlreportgen.dom.Document.getImageDirectory(path,type) gets the image folder of a document or template package located at the specified path and of the specified type (Microsoft® Word or HTML). This is a static method. Invoke it on the Document class.


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Suppose that the main image folder of an HTML document named MyDoc.htmtx resides in images under the root of the package. To get the path, enter:

ans =


Input Arguments

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Path of the document or template package

Type document or template. For a Word document or template, specify 'docx'. For an HTML document or template, specify 'html'.

Output Arguments

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The path of the image folder for the package.

Version History

Introduced in R2014b