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Requirements Documents Table

Insert table of linked requirements documents


This component creates a table that lists all requirements documents linked to model objects.

Table Options

  • Show documents linked to

    • Simulink and Stateflow objects: Inserts requirements documents linked to both Simulink® and Stateflow® objects in the model.

    • Simulink objects: Inserts requirements documents linked only to Simulink objects in the model.

    • Stateflow objects: Inserts requirements documents linked only to Stateflow objects in the model.

  • Table title: Specifies the table title in the generated report.

    • No title

    • Model name (Default)

    • Custom

Table Columns

  • Include document modification time: Includes the document modification information.

  • Count # of references to each document: Includes a count of the number of references to the requirements document in the model.

Document References

  • Replace file names with document IDs in the main body of the report: Includes shortened IDs to identify requirements documents to simplify the requirements documents table.

  • Query additional information for DOORS links (requires login): This option applies only to DOORS® requirements. Append the DOORS module ID to the module path in the DOORS database if the module information is not stored with the model.

Insert Anything into Report?

Yes. Table.