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Gamepad Simulator

Get the simulation value of a VEX gamepad using Logitech F310 or XBOX Controller


Simulink Coder Support Package for ARM Cortex-based VEX Microcontroller/Utilities

Simulink Coder Support Package for VEX EDR V5 Robot Brain/Utilities

  • Gamepad Simulator block


Get the simulation value of a VEX gamepad. The block is applicable for simulation purposes only. The values returned are analog values in the range –127 to 127 for the first four output ports, and logical values for the remaining 12 output ports. The first four ports correspond to the four control axes on the joysticks. The remaining 12 ports correspond to the 12 buttons on the VEX gamepad. The Logitech Gamepad F310 buttons corresponding to the Gamepad Simulator ports (1–8) are as shown.

Before simulating a model containing this block, you must connect a Gamepad F310 or an XBOX gamepad to your computer. During simulation, use the attached gamepad to provide simulation input to your Simulink model.


Ensure that the input mode switch on the backside of the Gamepad F310 device is in position D for the block to function correctly. For more information about the input mode switch on Gamepad F310, see

During code generation, the Gamepad Simulator block is ignored and has no effect on the generated code.


Select the type of Gamepad

Select the gamepad type that is connected to your computer.

Enter the joystick ID

Enter the one-based joystick ID.