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Get code and calibration configuration from code mappings for model parameters

Since R2020b



    propertyValue = getModelParameter(myCodeMappingObj,modelParameter,property) returns the value of a code mapping property or calibration property for the specified model workspace parameter. For example, use this function to return the storage class or the calibration access of a calibration property configured for the parameter.


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    From the model code mappings for model ConfigurationRapidPrototypingInterface, get the name of the storage class that is configured for model parameter K1.

    cm = coder.mapping.api.get("ConfigurationRapidPrototypingInterface");
    scK1 = getModelParameter(cm,"K1","StorageClass");

    From the model code mappings for model ConfigurationRapidPrototypingInterface, configure the storage class and identifier for model parameter Table1. To access the identifier configured for a model parameter, use the getModelParameter function.

    cm = coder.mapping.api.get("ConfigurationRapidPrototypingInterface");
    idTable1 = getModelParameter(cm,"Table1","Identifier")
    idTable1 =

    From the model code mappings for model ConfigurationRapidPrototypingInterface, get the calibration properties such as calibration access and display identifier configured for model parameter LOWER.

    cm = coder.mapping.api.get("ConfigurationRapidPrototypingInterface");
    prop_export = getModelParameter(cm,"LOWER","Export");
    prop_bitmask = getModelParameter(cm,"LOWER","BitMask");
    prop_calaccess = getModelParameter(cm,"LOWER","CalibrationAccess");
    prop_compname = getModelParameter(cm,"LOWER","CompuMethod");
    prop_dispid = getModelParameter(cm,"LOWER","DisplayIdentifier");
    prop_format = getModelParameter(cm,"LOWER","Format");

    Input Arguments

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    Code mapping object (model code mappings) returned by a call to function coder.mapping.api.get.

    Example: myCM

    Name of the model workspace parameter for which to return the code mapping information.

    Example: "Table1"

    Data Types: char | string

    Code mapping property for which to return a value. For a storage class defined in the Embedded Coder Dictionary associated with the model, specify a property name or one of these property names.

    Information to ReturnProperty Name
    Name of storage classStorageClass
    Name of variable for the parameter in the generated codeIdentifier
    Boolean value indicating whether to export the selected model parameter to a calibration file (a2l)Export
    Mask value in hexadecimal format to extract single bits from the model parameter in a calibration toolBitMask
    Enumeration value indicating the access of calibration. Calibration for an parameter indicates that the parameter can be calibrated and is the default value for the property. NoCalibration indicates that the parameter can be read-only and cannot be calibrated.CalibrationAccess
    Name of the conversion method used during the calibrationCompuMethod
    Optional display name of the model parameter for calibrationDisplayIdentifier
    Specifies the display format of the model parameter being calibrated in a calibration toolFormat

    Example: "StorageClass"

    Example: "CalibrationAccess"

    Output Arguments

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    Name of the storage class or value of the specified storage class property configured for model parameter.

    Data Types: char

    Version History

    Introduced in R2020b