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Simulation time steps or schedule dose times

The Time property of a ScheduleDose object is a column vector instead of a row vector. For details, see Compatibility Considerations.


Time is a property of a SimData or ScheduleDose object.

SimData Object

For a simulation, the Time property records the time steps.

ScheduleDose Object

For a series of scheduled doses, the Time property defines the times to give a dose.

A ScheduleDose object defines a series of doses. Each dose can have a different amount, as defined by an amount array in the Amount property, and given at specified times, as defined by a time array in the Time property. A rate array in the Rate property defines how fast each dose is given. At each time point in the time array, a dose is given with the corresponding amount and rate.


Applies to

Objects: SimData, ScheduleDose.

Data type

double (SimData), double column (ScheduleDose)

Data values

Vector of doubles (SimData) or column of nonnegative real numbers. Default property value for ScheduleDose is 0x1 empty double column vector.



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