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Integrate Legacy Code

Integrate existing C or C++ functions, such as device drivers or external simulation code

You can integrate existing C (or C++) functions, such as device drivers, lookup tables, and general functions and interfaces, into Simulink® models by using the Legacy Code Tool. Use the Legacy Code Tool to specify the name of the S-function, files, and path required for the compilation, and options for the generated S-function.

Use the legacy_code function to generate an S-function, compile and link the generated S-function, and create a mask for calling the generated S-function.

Before you can use legacy_code, ensure that a C compiler is set up for your MATLAB® installation.


legacy_codeUse Legacy Code Tool


Integrate C Functions Using Legacy Code Tool

Use the Legacy Code Tool to generate S-functions automatically from existing C code.

S-Functions Incorporate Legacy C Code

Incorporate legacy C code using a handwritten C MEX S-function, the S-Function Builder, and the Legacy Code Tool.

Integrate C Code Using the MATLAB Function Block

Use MATLAB Function block to call external C code and how to control enumeration and bus typedefs.

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