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hisl_0078: Usage of identical modeling patterns

ID: Titlehisl_0078: Usage of identical modeling patterns
DescriptionTo reduce the complexity of generated code and increase its robustness, account for identical and similar modeling patterns in the model.
NoteClones are either identical or similar modeling patterns in the model. Clones can increase the model complexity and complexity of generated code. They also hamper readability and maintainability. Clone Detector (Simulink Check) app can be used to detect clone patterns. Library blocks of the clones can be created and replaced with links to those library blocks or from an existing library.
  • Improve model compartmentalization.

  • Improve model and code readability.

  • Improve model and code reusability.

Model Advisor ChecksCheck usage of identical modeling patterns (Simulink Check)
  • DO-331 Section MB.6.3.2.e 'Low-level requirements conform to standards'

  • IEC 61508-3, Table B.9 (1) 'Software module size limit'

  • ISO 26262-6, Table 1 (1a) – Enforcement of low complexity

  • ISO 26262-6, Table 3 (1b) – Restricted size and complexity of software components

  • ISO 25119-3, Table 3, 2.4 – Modular approach

  • EN 50128, Table A.12 (8) 'Limited size and complexity of Functions, Subroutines and Methods'

Last ChangedR2024a