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Tune and Monitor Model Running on Hardware

You can use the External mode (Monitor and Tune) to tune parameters and monitor a Simulink® model running on your target hardware.

Monitor and Tune enables you to tune model parameters and evaluate the effects of different parameter values on model results in real-time. When you change parameter values in a model, the modified parameter values are communicated to the target hardware immediately. You can monitor the effects of different parameter values by viewing the output signals on Sink blocks or in Simulation Data Inspector (SDI). Doing so helps you find the optimal values for performance. This process is called parameter tuning.

Monitor and Tune accelerates parameter tuning. You do not have to rerun the model each time you change parameters. You can also use Monitor and Tune to develop and validate your model using the actual data and hardware for which it is designed. This software-hardware interaction is not available solely by simulating a model.

The support package supports Monitor and Tune simulation over these communication interfaces:

Prepare a Simulink Model for External Mode

This section explains how to prepare a Simulink model to run in External mode (Monitor and Tune).

Stop Monitor and Tune

To stop the model that is running in Monitor and Tune, on the Hardware tab, click Stop .

If the simulation Stop Time parameter is set to a specific number of seconds, Monitor and Tune stops when that time elapses.