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Add Labels to Files

In a project, use labels to organize files and communicate information to project users.

To add a label to a file, use one of these methods:

  • Drag the label from the Labels pane onto the file.

  • In the Files view, select the file. Then, drag the label from the Labels pane into the label editor.

To add a label to multiple files, in the Files view or Dependency Analyzer graph, select the files that require the label. Then right-click and select Add Label. Use the dialog box to specify the label.

To add labels programmatically, for example, in custom task functions, see Automate Project Tasks Using Scripts.


After you add a label to a file, the label persists across file revisions.

After you add labels, you can organize files by label in the Files view and dependency graph. See Group and Sort File Views and Perform an Impact Analysis.

If the project is under SVN source control, adding tags to all your project files enables you to mark versions. See Tag and Retrieve Versions of Project Files.

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